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In common with the aims of the Arts & Crafts Movement, the architect of Holy Trinity Church, John Dando Sedding, believed that a church should be ‘wrought and painted over with everything that has life and beauty—in frank and fearless naturalism…’. But more than that, like other men of faith Sedding knew what a church was for: "It is well for a man to have a circle of religious exercises that can so hedge him about, so get behind his life and wind themselves by long familiarity into his character, that they become part of his everyday existence…" .

That is where, we pray, Holy Trinity finds itself today - an actively praying church at the heart of the community open weekdays and Sunday mornings to everyone, where that ‘circle of religious exercises’ is made a reality in the weekly celebrations of the Eucharist at our core; moreover, ‘frank and fearless’ as we seek to live what we term a ‘critical, compassionate Christianity’.

Holy Trinity has experienced something of a revival over the past nine years, and now provides a vibrant spiritual and physical presence in the heart of Chelsea, with an international congregation befitting a ‘world city’ such as London.

The English translation of our latin motto, ‘Nisi dominus frustra’, taken from Psalm 127, is ‘unless the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain who build it.’ So we pray that all our endeavours here might be ‘begun, continued, and ended in Him’ for the building up of His Church, and the forwarding of His Kingdom.